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Configure Bulk Editor URL to auto-populate with correct fields

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I'm currently working on a Sales Channel app that has a link to the bulk editor in Shopify for Products. The URL path i'm using is `{my_shopify_domain//admin/bulk?resource_name=Product`. However, that only displays the following view with no fields selected.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.44.39 AM.png


I'd like to format the URL such that I can auto-populate some fields in the `Add Fields` section. Namely, I'd like to add the current sales channel app that has been installed option `Available to {sales_channel_app_name}` to be auto-populated as soon as the URL is opened. I saw from other Sales Channel apps like if you have Facebook installed, passing in the `app_context` in the URL is sufficient enough. Is there anyway I can format the URL so that the fields I want are auto-populated?

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I'm having the same problem! Would really love an answer 🙂