Contacting a customer from Shopify Admin - attach a file

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Shopify does a great job in making it easy to contact a customer from their order, or from their customer profile page. Just by clicking on the customer's email address, a popop.. pops up,  with a customizable default message, the ability to change your "from" address, and to send yourself a bcc. This is great!

I'd love to use this feature to send my customers photos of their orders once we finish making them ( we sell individually customized airbrushed apparel. )

Sadly, Shopify doesn't allow attachments from this convienent contact form. I'm currently copying the email address (which would be improved by adding a small "copy address" icon link beside the address, instead of actually having to select it and ctrl-c), and sending an email through gmail with a canned response.

Sending an email straight through shopify this way would allow my to more quickly and easily update my customers on their order, and keep a consistent feel through my email templates, addresses, order numbers, and workflow.

I understand adding attachments to said emails will add load to servers. If this really is an issue worth budgeting, it wouldn't be too far out of line to only allow this feature on professional or higher plans or something. If there's another issue that interferes with this feature, let's discuss it and come up with a solution. It's certainly a feature that would help me, and surely others.

Thanks Shopify, and fellow Entrepenuers! ( wow I spelled that correctly first try )

-Dale Jackowski

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Hi Dale,

I see your fustration here. You could try using a service like to upload the photo to and include the link to view the photo in the email you send from the Shopify admin. This isnt a perfect solution but one to consider maybe?



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How is this not a thing yet? Terrible that we can’t send attachments in email, 99% of the time I have to copy paste it into Gmail so I can send our customers a photo of their order. Unfortunate 

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Agree! I waste so much time creating an email with gmail to send the attachment. I love that shopify tells you in the timeline when you've contacted someone but I can't use that because I need to send an attachment

Has anyone found a solution yet? 

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So... we still are not able to add attachments for order/customer system emails to customers?

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Support just says include link to content. 

That is completely stupid. 

Working on our own workaround. Shopify has endless limits, drives me crazy. 


In this form here theres even a box to drag images into. BUT no, not on shopify order screen. 

Does shopify do any innovation? Coz in 5 years nothings changed.