Conversion Rate for Specific Landing Page

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I was trying to get an idea of the conversion rate from a specific type of landing page. For example, I wanted to see how much my blog converts to sales. I went to analytics > online store conversion over time and filtered by "landing page type is blog article."


Is it safe to assume that the 0.01% is my conversion rate is how many sessions visited my blog and then converted to a sale? This might sound stupid and I think I know the answer but I just wanted to confirm before I brought it to the discussion.

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Hello @taylorthomas 


You are right to assume so.

0.01% is the conversion rate of how many sessions visited your blog.

However when we do the math of session converted (12)/ sessions (202,819, the result is 0.006% - but I believe Shopify has rounded up the number due to its value being too minor.


Don't worry @taylorthomas , there's no stupid question 🙂

Hope this helps!



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Thanks for the confirmation! I appreciate it.