Conversion tracking is not available for about 20% of orders

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We are showing this message "There aren‘t any conversion details available for this order." in the conversion details for about 20% of the orders. I contacted shopify support but they are of no help - they just keep copy pasting the help page and that's that.


We have no apps that would affect tracking; we don't do any draft orders; our only sales channel is Online Store. Shopify claims it's private browsing and clearing cookies but that's just not realistic. 20% of people do not use private browsing and/or delete their cookies multiple times a day. If it was 3-5%, maybe, but not 20%.


One thing to note though - those orders also show sales channel as empty. That probably has to be related


Any help on how to fix this is appreciated. 

Thank you

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Hello @ShelHealth,

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If you see the message "There aren't any conversion details available for this order" for about 20% of your orders in Shopify, there are a few possible reasons.

* Conversion tracking may experience delays in updating.

It may take some time for conversion tracking to update in your Shopify dashboard. The missing conversion details may still be being processed or have not been fully recorded yet. In this case, you may need to wait for a while for the tracking data to become available.

* The tracking setup may be incomplete or not fully configured.

Make sure that your conversion tracking setup in Shopify is complete and accurate. Double-check that you have implemented the necessary tracking codes or scripts correctly on your website, especially on the order confirmation or thank you page. If the tracking code is missing or improperly installed, it can result in missing conversion data.

* External applications or customized modifications implemented on your store might be causing the issue.

If you have installed any third-party apps or custom codes on your Shopify store, they might interfere with the conversion tracking process. These apps or customizations may override or modify the default tracking behavior, leading to missing conversion details. Review your installed apps and customizations to identify any potential conflicts.

* Payment gateways

Some payment gateways may not pass the necessary conversion tracking information back to Shopify. If a significant portion of the orders with missing conversion details is associated with a particular payment gateway, investigate if there are any known compatibility issues or settings that need adjustment.

* External factors

Occasionally, external factors beyond your control can affect conversion tracking. For example, if a customer's browser settings block certain tracking mechanisms or if they use browser extensions that interfere with tracking, it may result in incomplete or missing conversion data.

Use a variety of conversion tracking events to track different types of conversions, such as website visits, product views, and sales. Review your conversion tracking data regularly to make sure that it is accurate and to identify areas where you can improve your conversion rates. If you have checked all of these possibilities and are still experiencing the issue, contact Shopify's support team for assistance.

I hope this information proves useful.


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 "I contacted shopify support but they are of no help" where have I come across that comment before ? It's happening a lot to my store lately no recent app changes that could account for this. The private browser excuse is just that, an excuse. Shopify saying no data available but I can see all the conversion & tracking data in Lucky Orange app. Useless ecommerce platform, on my way somewhere else.