Converting Variants into Individual Products

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I was just wondering if there is an easy way to convert variants in individual products?

I have a lot of products with different size variants and now as there is a change in policy, I need to convert those variants to individual products.

The only way I can think of is exporting to excel and then converting and importing.

I appreciate any help please.

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Hi, the fastest way would be export & import. I'm not aware of any app that could do this automatically.

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I appreciate that this is an old question, but here's how I solved this issue:


  1. Duplicate the original product
  2. In the duplicate, delete all variants except one
  3. In the original product, delete the variant which represents the new product

This might be enough to solve your problem, but I wanted the new product to be a normal product, not a product with a single variant. However, when I deleted the one remaining variant, all of the variant's data was copied automagically into the product, giving me exactly the effect I was after.

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One thing to note here is shopify puts a hard limit on number of products, just research it before taking up this exercise .

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