Courses. To use of the functions of Shopify.

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I am so new at this .  Would like to use all the functions of Shopify.   Also, if the store I have is set up right or not.  


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Shopify Partner
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What kind of help do you want?

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Serkan Boztepe
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First I’d like to know if an already built website was/ is available and
did I get one? I’ve been halfway through so many of these systems that
left me so confused I just gave up because I have no technical knowledge.
I really wish there was a tangible work book. I lose stuff very easily on
computers. The sad thing is , I really want this to work.

Thomas Turner

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I am confused myself. I’ve been trying to do something like this for a
while . I could have sworn I paid for a built for me website just to make
it easier. I hope that I’m not leading you because that’s the definition of
the blind leading the blind

Thomas Turner