Create a bundle that uses the inventory from single items

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Our site does two things. 

1. Sell individual items

2. Sell care packages comprised of various individual items.


We just added Shopify Bundles ( to the site to create the Care Packages.


The client wants to track inventory via the site so if someone buys a single item that items inventory reduces by one but if someone buys a care package each items inventory from that package should reduce by one. Does this app do this automatically?


Also, does it automatically make the shipping weight of the bundle the same as the combined weight of all of the products?

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Hi @InventiveWD ,


You can custom code this feature in theme where we will create a custom product page which will have the list of all the product and its images.


When user will click on add to cart button all the product will get added to the cart.


Since this will be a custom product cart will have single remove button which will remove all the items from the cart.


By this way cart will perform as default behaviour this will also help in shipping calculations.


the placed order will have a specific attribute named bundle product with random I’d so that you will able to identify the bundle product at order page in admin.

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Hi @InventiveWD ,

I'm Camila from Simple Bundles & Kits. Nice to meet you! I see you’re inquiring about Shopify Bundles, but I think our app could also help you address your needs.

With Simple Bundles & Kits, you can keep track of the products inside the care packages, so every time a customer buys one, the app will deduct the inventory of the individual products of your packages according to your settings thus, whenever a customer buys a bundle or an individual product, the app will detect this change in Shopify and adjust the bundle inventory.

If you would like to know the difference between Simples Bundles & Kits and Shopify Bundles, you can take a look at this article: Comparing Simple Bundles & Shopify Bundles.

I have yet to hear from a bundle app that calculates the weight automatically for a bundle product; however, with version 2.0, the weight of the order is calculated by Shopify on checkout, taking into account the products inside the bundle when The Cart Transform is used.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. We’ll be delighted to assist you!


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