Create Template is now showing on my website

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there is no create template in my website how to fix this please 


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You are owner of the store? If not, maybe you don't have permission to add template.

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You may be using an older theme that doesn't take advantage of the Shopify 2.0 updates. Specifically json page templates.
.json template files will have a different icon next to the name.


If you are comfortable editing the codebase you can make the updates yourself. Otherwise I recommend getting help from a professional.
Alternatively you could install a newer theme (e.g.: Dawn) which uses JSON templates by default and start again.

In the code editor, create a new page template (in the 'templates' folder) and call it "page.json" or something similar.

Add the following code:

  "sections": {
    "main": {
      "type": "main-page"
  "order": [

The "type": "main-page" references a .liquid file in your "sections" folder.
If there is no main-page.liquid file you will need to create it, or change this reference to another exisiting file/section.

If there are any issues with the above, the editor should indicate what the problem is.

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