creating a special event gift card/discount with a different expiry date to my standard gift cards

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Hi! I would like to build a bundle product that gives the customer access to some information, adds them to a segment and sends them a £70 gift voucher/card/discount which has a short expiry date. I know I can make a specific gift card not visible on the website and add this item to the bundle. However I cannot seem to personalise this special gift card as I want it only be available to use for 2 months whereas my standard gift vouchers available to purchase on the website have a 2 year expiry,


I also tired to create a discount code instead, that could give a discount of £70 to the person who received the code and was going to try and have this code sent to people who purchased the bundle. However I cannot find how to generate different codes for each purchase so each person to have a different code. 


Getting a bit stuck, any ideas?


For a more in depth context I own a store and want to have an online 5 week zoom event where people pay £70 to join. I want the £70 to give the customer a £70 gift voucher for use in the online store and access to all the event info and zoom links etc. So essentially the event is "free" but they have to commit a £70 spend at a later date by receiving a £70 voucher/code in return for their £70 purchase.


I would ideally like the customers to receive a gift card or code for the £70. If a gift card I need a different expiry date than my standard gift cards. If a code I want it to be a code that only people who have bought event access can use and therefore individual codes for individual purchasers and again a strict expiry date. 


These were the only two ways I could come up with to try and make it work. I will be sending out emails to this segment of purchasers throughout the event duration so thought having a bundle and the code/gift card being an item in that bundle they bought would all me to easily filter the segment to email them?


Any advice or ideas very much appreciated! very open to ideas.



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