Creating a 'Uniform Management' system within Shopify

Creating a 'Uniform Management' system within Shopify

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Hi there,


One of our Shopify clients would like to give certain customers an ‘allowance’ to spend on their store, which could be used to purchase products from specific categories. For example, one customer may be able to purchase 20 items in the t-shirts category, 60 items in the shoes category and 50 from the accessories category, within their allowance. The customer can spend their allowance across as many transactions as they wish without approval, however once the allowance has been hit or exceeded, their order must be then put through the approval flow, which is specific to our client’s store. A customer’s allowance will reset at a TBC time (e.g. quarterly, six-monthly or yearly), at which point the cycle will being again.


Ideally, we are looking for a solution which allows us to set either quantity amounts per category for a customer’s allowance, as well as potentially some form of Shopify Flow integration which will allow us to determine whether a customer’s total order includes items that are within their allowance or which will take them outside of their allowance, and then take necessary steps (such as firing off an email, or putting the order into Draft, pending approval).


Is there any plugins or solutions that could be recommended to facilitate this kind of flow?


Thank you in advance!

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