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Credit card Companies illegal Chargebacks

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Hi All -

I truly believe that the way credit cards are handling chargebacks is illegal. I don't see how this cold possibly be legal.

We have had several chargebacks this year where customers even admit in writing that they have the items, or that they broke the item by accident, then they submit a credit card dispute. When we get the dispute, we submit all the paperwork, proof, conversations etc, and the credit card is still siding with the customer AND allowing the customer to keep the item and the money.

We do not know how they make their decision. We do not have access to the people at the credit card company making this decision. We cannot contact the credit card to explain further or ask for the items back. This is all decided arbitrarily and we do not have access to the process at all.

We've been in business for 9 years and chargebacks are getting worse. The credit card companies are facilitating theft and we can't do anything about it.

Anyone having these issues?

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