Cross/Grey Out Variant when Not Available

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I've tried a lot of different solutions but it is not working. 

We carry graphics and they can be printed on a few different styles, brands and colors. 


Customers can pick their size, then they'll pick their style/brand and the color. 

I want to provide the actual color of that brand and some brands have different names or don't provide that color. However I need it marked out or faded grey if not available. 

What am I missing!?



We launch tomorrow so it will be open tomorrow.

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This feature is already present on the default dawn theme. You need to keep track of your inventory. And once the inventory is finished, it will be default grayed out.




Thank you  


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I have it currently where some of them are not available and I do have it listed that it cannot be sold once it's at 0. 

The option to add to cart states unavailable. I want the variant pill box to show marked out or greyed out. 

Gildan 18000 does not come in Seafoam. It shows available until you click. 

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