CSV Import incorrect product, sku and images count at import-preview

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I've created a CSV file for a new import of products. This CSV contains 11 products, with each of them having 98 variants + variant images. So what I'm trying to import will be: 11 products, 1078 SKU's(11*98), 1078 images(11*98).


However, after i added the CSV import file and get the 'preview screen' of what will be imported to what field etc. it says the following: 'Importing 21 products, 1100 SKU's and 1100 images. Products will not be overwritten'.


Those numbers it's telling me do not correspond to those of my import sheet. Is this just a bug, and can I import without any problems or is there something else I'm missing here and should take care of?


Hopefully someone can explain what's going on here. 

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Hello dude..how you managed to solve this issue since then?

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It's been too long, cant help you with it. It worked out for me in the end.