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Custom collection page to display specific variants

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Hi all, I'm working on a store for a client and I've run across a bit of a snag.

The client has an apparel store, and each piece of apparel has many color variants (~25 per product). Previously they've had all variants as individual products, but that was a bad experience for customers, so we've been working to rebuild their store as products with variants.

The problem we're running into is when they launch new colors, they want to have a collection page for "new" items that show the new variants. There could be three new colors for a single item. We're looking for a way to display the new variants on this specific collection page without showing all the older variants as well.

There other collection pages (style, type) would remain as-is, showing the parent items with the variants accessible on their respective product pages.

Has anyone encountered this before?

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@PolitisDesign your gonna need either an app or use native metafield defintions(mfd's) to indicate either new variants or old variants.


If this is a large process you'll want to at least use an app to automate the logic to flag new variants , recommend usemechanic.

Then you can use the mfd's in product loops to identity those variants and change the display logic which is typically the first available variant.


An alternative is to just make those new variants be standalone products temporarily and either just sync the inventory or sleight of hand between the collection display version and the prime version of the variant.

Remembering to create redirects if not syncing so customers go to the prime product, and adjust SEO logic to avoid duplicate content


If you need a consult or specialist support for either the theme part , or the automation scripting part contact me with details.

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Hi @PolitisDesign 

I've cross an article guide that can help you.

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