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I want to be able to allow certain customers to send custom order requests.


Most customers buy stocked items, however certain larger repeat customers almost always have specific dimensions of products, which we produce to order.


The purchase order form looks almost ideal, however this seems to be aimed at vendors and allows for the price to be manually inserted. We basically want to allow a customer to put in multiple products with dimensions and then submit it to us, after which we'll price it up.

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Hi @rorchoz,

I recommend creating a Custom product to streamline the process. Then, using the Easify Product Options app (free plan available) to create custom fields allowing customers to enter their specific dimensions 🤗. Here are 2 approaches you can consider:

1. Manual Quote Process: For this setup, after customers submit their requirements, you'll manually process the order and contact them via email to discuss pricing.


  • First, create a Custom product.
  • Install the app and set up a new option set.
  • Add fields using either Text Box or Dimension option types for customers to add their desired product measurements.
  • Text Box (multi): 



  • Dimension:



  • (Optional) Add a multi-line text field using the Text Area option type for Special Instructions:



  • Assign the option set to your Custom product and save the settings.



  • To complete your custom product setup, you also need to update the "Add to cart" button text to something like "Request a quote". You can do this by navigating to the App Settings.



2. Automated Price Calculation:

  • If you have a formula for calculating prices based on custom dimensions, we can assist in setting up a custom function.
  • This function will automatically calculate the price as customers enter their dimensions during checkout.
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