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Good day!

I am starting a store where I sell mostly B2B and some customers have asked about a custom portal just for them and their employees where they can view and purchase only approved items. Is this possible here? For example. We sell widgets  A,B,C, and D. The company has only approved items A and B to be purchased by their employees through the company. So, they want a portal that only has the approved A and B widgets for purchase. 

Is this possible with shopify? 

Thank you!

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Hi @Protego,


Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is not possible with Shopify. Shopify doesn't have the feature to create custom portals for each customer. However, there is a different way to achieve this: you would have to create a separate custom web app, give it access to your Shopify store data via Shopify APIs, populate it with your Shopify products. Then, in this web app you can create the function to allow customers to allow their employees to only purchase approved items.


Hope that helped. If you have any follow-up question do let me know.


Warm Regards,

Nafio Nabi

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Ahh, ok. So it's possible, just not internally. Would Shopify integrate with Bigcommerce or something like that? It seems that BigCommerce offers exactly what I'd need in a portal.

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hello , 

were you able to solve your problem ? i am looking to create a personalized customer portal for each customer so they can track their past orders, and i can do targeted marketing. Let me know if you have found a solution to your problem. Thanks