Custom use to sell rental space, help with variants and settings

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I am exploring setting up a Shopify store to sell a very specific “product” but I would like to know if some settings are possible before I begin a paid account.

I run horse shows, and I’m looking for a way to rent or “sell” stall space at a weekend horse show. This concept is similar to a hotel renting rooms. I’m trying to figure out how I can use Shopify to configure the following:

— Each stall space would only have 1 quantity (ie, when Stall 1 is sold, it is no longer available to others)

— Each stall space would need to have the option of multiple nights in that stall (ie, 1 night = $25; 2 nights = $50, etc). I was going to use variants for this, but the quantity of the variants is a problem, because there is only 1 stall, regardless how how many nights are chosen. If I set the quantity for EACH variant to 1, then it still shows a quantity available after one variant has been chosen. Once a stall is chosen (no matter how many nights) it is gone and no longer available.


Is this possible? Is there a way to use the available settings to accomplish this?


— I also thought about not using variants, but instead the quantity for each night. But if they only choose 1 night, it is taken for the entire weekend (no one cleans it so it is ready for a new occupant the next day) so once a Stall is chosen (no matter 1 or 2 nights) it needs to be removed from the quantity.


I am excited about the possibilities of this app…. but definitely need to see if any of this is possible using your system.

Thank you.

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