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Ok it looks like this question has been asked 1000 times. I have yet to find a formal answer to it and by the looks of the dates its been an issue for 5 years????? DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION TO CUSTOMER ACCOUNT ACTIVATION?


1. New customer enters details (Name, Email, Password)

2. Page changes to "An activation email has been sent!" or something to that degree

3. Customer activates by clicking email link sent

4. Finally customer is redirected to login page and is required to login for access to the store


This is the absolute most basic and logical customer account creation there could be.... I'm not sure why it's still an issue after 5 years and has me considering Shopify to be a platform that might not be suitable for even the most basic of functionality for an eCommerce store.

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Finally! You made an app that does what Shopify should be offering to its
customers as part of the basic package. Congrats. I'll try it out for sure.
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@Sunny are you still with us? It's been 3 years since the initial request and it still seems not to be a default functionality. One should not need another app for this basic functionality: When you create an account, you should activate it via email before logging in/have the account opened. It shouldn't be possible to create an account with the email adress of another person.


The steps should be:

  1. Create customer account
  2. Send email "Please activate your account. If this wasn't you, ignore this email."
  3. If the user clicks on the link, activate the account and tell the customer: "Thanks, your account is now active."
  4. (Optionally: send a confirmation email "Thanks for activating your account")


I've found the customer_account_activate email notification template and a matching entry in the API docs:


So why isn't there a simple option in the shopify backend to activate this opt-in functionality?

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@jsen42 you are correct that email verification is still not offered natively by Shopify.

To be clear on one point, the steps you laid out are followed (more or less) when there is an existing customer profile, usually meaning the email address has subscribed to marketing or made a purchase as a guest.

Email verification is offered on Customer Field's Lite plan, and while I understand the frustration

of wishing this was offered natively by Shopify, I do hope you can find $12 of value per month using our app which we've spent 6+ years developing.

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