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Hey guys,


I'm trying to drill down into a customer segment and get some insights on a specific group of customers. These customers are also customers for another store of ours, and I want to see things like what percentage of our revenue comes from shared customers. 


I think the best way to do this is to bulk add a tag to customers who have purchased from both companies, and I have customer lists in .csv formats from both stores. Any suggestions on the best way to combine and re-upload the data so that customers who have purchased from both stores are given a tag in store #1? Or is this something I could do in Shopify as opposed to Excel/re-upload?



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Hi Ldawoodsv,


I stumbled upon this app called SuperU, and it's been pretty intriguing. What caught my eye is how it tracks the UTM source and crunches the numbers on customers who stick around and make repeat purchases. Plus, they throw in some other metrics through user profiling that are handy for retargeting efforts.

If you're curious, you can reach out to their team on their website or just install it on your store – it's free for the first month. Pretty cool, right?