Customer Data Routing - Does customer data ever leaves Canada?

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Hi there,

I work for a Canadian company whose privacy policy restricts any customer data to be routed to the US (i.e. all customer data must stay in Canada). My store is using a third party payment system to process all transactions. I understand that Shopify doesn't store any customer data; it passes the customer data directly to the third party payment provider. However, can somebody please verify that at no time the customer data is sent through the US? Does the customer data ever leaves Canada?


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You can check Shopify Data Processing Addendum

Shopify doesn't store customer data used for transactions if you are using a third party provider, but Shopify still stores customer personal data (like First Name, Last Name, Address and more).

In addition there is a list of third-party subprocessors that are involved in various services that Shopify provides (Email, SMS, Fulfillment, etc.)

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