Customer Delivery Address Change Notification

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If a customer logs in to their account on a shopify site (usually here: /account/login) and then changes their saved delivery address details on the 'My Account' page. Is there any way for shopify to notify me about the account detail change..?


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I have the very same problem. Can someone help us please?

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I have the same question.  I need to know from Shopify when a customer changes key shipping information in their account: (shipping) address, email, or phone number.  

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Same problem, would be really good to know if anyone from Shopify could help with this?

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I have the same question as well.  It's incredibly frustrating that there's no support from's community forums or FAQs. If there are no replies and no FAQs addressing your question, how do we get answers??? This question was posted in's 2022 and doesn't appear to have ever been answered. Have any on this thread figured it out, or did you take your business elsewhere??? Incredibly frustrating!!!