Customer Enters Code And Is Shown Gift

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First time posting!


Hey y'all, so I'm trying to figure out what/how to create a page or something that will show our customers the secret gift they received based on a code they were given. So, our customers would go to our site, enter their code and the screen would show them a predetermined gift. They have the capability to see this without being in a "cart". Thanks for any input!

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Cool idea for extra customer engagement.


If they will add the gift to the cart, you could have the gift be a product page, then in your product page template you could write some code to hide part of the page showing the product, unless the code as been entered.


Then you would have an input field and a button on the page, when someone enters it correctly, it reveals the product.


If you don't want it to be a product, then you could do the same on a regular page, just create the content but mask it until someone enters the code in an input field.


If you have a Shopify developer you use, just pass that to them and what you want the content to be, they'll be able to map out the project. If you don't have a developer and need a recommendation, feel free to PM me.

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