customer list being spammed

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Hello, I just discovered in my customers list that different versions of the same website have entered their company. There are hundreds of entries, they dont place orders just clog up my customer list. Please help, they have different emails but this web address every time:

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Hey @Plaristo-Shop ,


You may want to check out this earlier answer on this topic This thread mentions about an official app you can use to filter out the customers. 



Yash Garg

If this works for you, please give it a like and mark it as the solution! Thanks 🙂
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This is happening on my stores as well. 


My customer list has been clean for 7+ years. On Nov 17th, 2023 these spam customers started to pop up in my customer list. There's ~19,000 of them now.

We only noticed because someone who is being spammed with this emailed us today and I'm looking into it. 


I suspect this is a Shopify wide problem that's widespread. The fake accounts are fairly easy to spot from real I'm unclear if Shopify knows about this, or is simply unable to stop it.


I suspect these accounts are being created programatically and avoiding capture to spam people.

Shopify should get on top of this. Not only is it clogging up their database, but it's probably hurting their customers (aka store owners) reputations.

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This is happening on my store as well.   Hoping there is a solution.