Customer Support to unresponsive Shopify merchants

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Hi there,

We placed an order with a TikTok seller on December 12th, operating through Shopify.

The seller sent a dodgy FedEx tracking code that in no way relates to them, or me. While we have tried to contact them many times, they do not respond to any emails and their ads do not allow any comments. 

My question is, does Shopify offer any support to the end customer, or, is support only for the merchants? If the latter, it seems very much like Shopify is well set up to enable scamming, which I would like to think is not the case.


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I bought 2 mobility scooters for $842.98 and immediately removed their website from the internet. When I got the confirmation email, all links in it were not found. There is no way in shopify to issue an inquiry. You are right, it opens the door for fraud of which I was a victim. Did this a week ago.