customer was charged but i didn't receive my money

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Hi there,

 I've encountered a problem and hoping you guys can help me out.

I had an  order from a customer . It appears in shopify system that the customer pay by visa credit card thru shop pay. However, I didn't receive the money till now (14days).

I'm guessing the following facts you might need:
1. I'm a Chinese seller and I can't sign up for a shopify payment account.
2. I used to fill out the name of my chinese company but with an US address until sometime the system ask me to update the business infos. So I changed the company address and infos to China. And this order might be take before I changed business infos from US to China.

The system shows that the payment will be refund to customers in 3 days!!!! Please help me out with this! Looking forward to the feedbacks so much! Thank you!!


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