Customers getting error message at checkout

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We are getting a large increase in sporadic customer feedback that they cannot checkout due the this error message:

This page is temporarily unavailable because a device from your location is sending large amounts of web requests. Visitors from other locations can sul view me page


It's not happening to all customers but it's clear from locking at my open draft orders that it's happening to more than customers are feeding back. It is not due to customers browsers or needing to clear their cache.

We are having someone look at a new draft theme, however it is not live. 

Any ideas, it's so frustrating that it's not happening to every customer.Checkout errpr messagejpeg.jpeg

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Hi @karen73 


This seems to be situation related to some bot functionality by Shopify. Here is a details discussion about the same issue that others faced


Probable solutions from the discussion seems like -

- Make sure all redirects / address forwarding is completed before moving to Shopify.

- Check for any newly installed app that triggered the security feature from Shopify for bot protection

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I have also been having this issue, with customers getting "There was a problem with our checkout”.


It is an intermittent problem and when it is happening our sales plummet. Had this issue a few months ago and it seemed to resolve itself, now it is happening again.


It is very worrying and hard to run a business when you don't even know if your checkout will work!

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I’m having the same issue now for a week - it’s infuriating - did you end up with a solution at all?