Customers received their order twice - orders are being doubled up by Shopify

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Since October we are randomly finding orders being doubled up to the same customer. We've had 6 or more cases where the customer has contacted us and said they received their order 2x. Fortunately, they've been honest and asked how to return the extra order. At first we thought we had made a mistake and printed labels 2x. However, the following month we received a notice from Shopify saying there had been an issue/glitch that created the problem and we were refunded for one shipping label (which wasn't the one we were aware of....  This week we had 2 more customers contact us and say they received their orders 2x! There is only 1 shipping label on record in their order, so we couldn't have screwed this up on our own. It's so strange.


This was for orders shipped on 12/8 and 12/9.  Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like we are losing a lot of $$ now and not everyone is honest enough to send product back.

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