Customizing Points System and Referral Program

Customizing Points System and Referral Program

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to customize a points rewards system and referral program using the API provided by Glow Loyalty . I am wondering if there are any developers here with experience in this area?

I would like this system to be seamlessly integrated into my account center page and checkout page. In other words, logged-in users should be able to view/complete the following on these pages:

  • Check the points balance (how many points they have)
  • Check the ways to earn & redeem points
    (e.g. earn 100 points for social likes, and redeem 100 points for a free shipping discount code)
  • Check the discount codes (the “reward” they have redeemed for)
  • Ability to apply multiple discount codes in the same order

This would allow my customers to view this information without having to go to an additional widget or panel, making the checkout process more seamless. Other than that, I also hope that I can track the performance/activity for each of my customer. e.g. how many points a specific customer has


The Glow Loyalty's points/redemption and referral mechanism and the provided API documentation seem to be the most suitable solution for my needs currently. I have limited developing resources and would like to ask if anyone is able to help with development? Or are there any other alternatives that might address my problem?

Thank you!

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Hi @tamago1 


We would like to work on your requirement for glow loyalty custom dev.


We can discuss this in detail if required.

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