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We need more controls on staff notifications.

Our team currently gets push and email notifications for every order, but with the amount of orders we are getting, this is way too much and very annoying—especially for those who are not handling fulfillment. If you don't want to get these "per order notifications," you get nothing. It's all or nothing.


Is there a way to get a daily or weekly summary email from Shopify? For example, a daily summary notification could include key information such as the total number of sales, total revenue, top-selling products, and any notable customer trends observed during the day. This format would provide a more efficient and less disruptive way of keeping track of sales performance.


I was shocked to not find this in the Shopify settings.

Please add this soon!

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Hey @nathancovey ,


if you haven't found a solution yet, I wanted to inform you that we've recently created a new Shopify app (DailyOverview: Reports). This app can assist you by sending a daily email containing sales information retrieved from your store, along with a summary of the current month. Hope it helps.

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