Dawn Theme (12.0.0) - Seeking code to add blog filters, categories, sidebar, etc.

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I am seeking help to add/edit code to my theme (dawn 12.0.0) that will:

  1. allow me to filter my blog by tags, categories, etc.
  2. add a breadcrumb to top of the blog page based on filtering
  3. search feature for a single blog, not for the whole site

There are examples of code that I've found by googling, but they either haven't worked with this version of dawn or are responses from folks saying "download _____ app". I'm not interested in an app and would like to better understand what the theme code is doing. I'm a backend dev who works in python, so I'm not afraid of code, but I don't have experience with frontend work.


Thank you very, very much!



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To customize the Dawn 12.0.0 theme for blog filtering, breadcrumbs, and blog-specific search, you’ll need to edit the Liquid templates (blog.liquid, article.liquid) for tag filtering, add HTML/Liquid for breadcrumbs, and implement JavaScript for the search feature.

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Yes, I've monkeyed around with it enough to know that. I am looking specifically for a step-by-step guide with code on how to implement this.

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If you really want a more custom solution, I would reach out to a dev on here and hire them. This seems like it would be a little bit of a project since each one of those items might require a decent amount of custom code. 

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Yes, I understand that's an option. I know there are other shopify themes that have implemented this already though, so a cut and paste of the code would be ideal 🙂 I'm a big fan the stack overflow mindset of helping others without charging them.

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Not how that works at all, stackoverflow allows specific scoped questions narrow in scope for developers to help developers.

It's not a place to have your project done for you nor are the shopify forums.

Trying to weaponize contributions is a good way to get ignored.


You have to put in the effort and show your work so far to minimize the effort others have to make on your behalf.

Your asking for someone to work for you to provide the code and steps to implement full blown features for your business.

And your asking it for multiple features.


So when you say "without charging them" your the one already setting things up to charge others in terms of the amount of time they have to do something for you.

If you want help you need to drastically reduce the complexity of the ask and increase your effort in showing what you have so far or reduced test cases: http://sscce.org/ .



Here's an example:

Where are the docs to implement filters in a shopify theme? And general theme development?





Good Luck.

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