Dawn theme image banner is cropped on desktop

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My image banner gets cropped on desktop. 
It looks fine on the mobile page. 

I'd like to have the same visual on the desktop banner as it is at the moment on the mobile page. 
Or at least as similar as possible. 

It has to much zoom at the moment on the desktop view. 

I can't seem to figure it out.
It would be much appreciated is there is someone who can help me out! 

Store: https://sterrenstof.store/
I removed the password.

Please let me know if you need anything else.  


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Hi @JimmyJT,

Your problem is not that the image zooms too much. Essentially, your problem is that your image doesn't have enough width, so Shopify increases the image size to fill the width of the browser window.

You are encountering such a problem because you are using an image with a ratio different from the ratio recommended by Shopify. The recommended ratio for image banners by Shopify is 3:2. The best solution is to replace the current image with a new image with the appropriate ratio

If you still want to use the current image, you can try the following solution:

In Online store, select Themes -> Customize

view (78).png

In the Home page, select Image banner, in the banner height section, select Adapt to first image.

view (79).png

Click Save to save changes

The result:

view (80).png

Hope it helps @JimmyJT 

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