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Upon initial registration, the terms specified a monthly charge of 1 euro. However, I have noticed an unexpected increase in charges, now totaling 384 euros. As a 14-year-old, I am struggling to comprehend the reason for this significant escalation.

Could you please provide an explanation for the sudden increase in charges? Additionally, I kindly request an itemized notification or invoice outlining the details of these charges for my understanding.

Considering my age and financial limitations, I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. If possible, could you please cancel or delete the charges associated with my account?

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If you're facing unexpected charges, follow these steps:

  1. Contact customer support to clarify and explain the issue.
  2. Request an itemized invoice for a breakdown of charges.
  3. Communicate your age and financial limitations.
  4. If needed, involve your parents in the resolution process.
  5. Consider disputing charges with your payment provider if necessary.