Dealing with a sudden trademark infringement suspension on your e-commerce site?

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I have been with Shopify for 4 years, I sell liquor online and have had 6 bottles of clase azul online for the past 4 years. Then randomly I got hit with a suspension and in 20 days my account is going to be suspended. I didn’t receive any type of information of me needing to take these down. Keep in mind I have invoices of all the products and have had them for 4 years. I received a trade mark infringement on 6 out of 3000 products. Shopify took the whole site down. This is my only source of income and I have reached out to legal Shopify and they are not even doing anything about it. Has anyone dealt with this and if so have they ever unsuspended. I have mentioned to them multiple times I don’t need those products I will straight up not even sell them. I just need my website back. Really hoping to hear news about people having the same problem and getting their site back.

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Unfortunately, shopify risk and safety team is one of the worst in the industry, and most likely you wont get your site back, start working with a different platform ASAP.