Defective Printer

Defective Printer

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I started Shopify in May 2024, and purchased an Epson TM-m30iii printer (along with other hardware) directly from Shopify. The printer did not work from the first day. It would not change to the smaller receipt paper (I had 2-cases left from my old cash register). I called Shopify and they referred me to Epson. I got Epson Help on the phone who diagnosed the issue and let me know the printer was defective and they could fix it but I would need to send it in and it might be as long as 2-months to get it back. I elected to simply buy the larger receipt paper and just suck it up. However, once I got the receipt paper and started using the printer it would work for a while, then just stop printing receipts. It would still operate the cash drawer and print test receipts just not actual receipts. If I re-booted my tabloid and the printer it would work again. I went to the Shopify Help Center who suggested updating the tabloid and shopify versions -- I did but did not help. Our outside IT consultant suggested switching from Bluetooth to USB cable -- which we tried -- still just stops and won't print receipts at odd times and requires an update. I continued to contact Shopify Help Center who provided instructions on updating Epson Firmware for the printer saying Epson shipped printers with old Firmware and a known issue. I tried the directions and the update kept failing at 90%, over and over and over again. I called Epson and was told they don't support Firmare updates using an IOS Tablet and I need to go to Shopify for support. Shopify told me until the Firmware is updated there is nothing they can do. I paid our Outside IT Consultant to re-set the printer and pair it with his computer and update the software - he did so and the printer still has the same issue. Shopify Help Desk now tells me that the printer is past the 30-day return date and I need to prove it had an issue reported prior to the 30-day expiration of return. The Help Center Chat has all conversations and is dated from a couple of days after receiving the printer, isn't this proof? How do I get Shopify to take back a defective printer they sold me and return my money? I purchased another printer on Amazon as Shopify shows their printer back-ordered and I have to have a printer for my business.

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Hi @KenNairne !


You can try to submit all the conversation you had with your IT, Epson, and screenshots of your chats with Help center with the dates. You try to request for them to escalate your concern to another department if possible.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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