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Deleting all customers from a SEGMENT has deleted ALL CUSTOMERS

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I created a SEGMENT of Customers based on the existence of a tag "floss-invalid". There were about 1300 customers. I have about 9000 customers total. 


I then selected these customers on that segment screen, then hit the "select 50+ customers in this segment" button. Then I went to the bottom to the bulk actions option and picked "Delete customers".


I thought this would delete all the SELECTED customers (the ones in this SEGMENT).

Now I keep going back to my main customer list and every time I reload, more customers are gone. It is now down to 2500.


There were only 1300 customers in the segment, so I should have ended up with 7,700.


Now I have lost all my customers!!!


1. What is going on? Why has such a flagrant bug made it into Shopify. I was definiely on the segment screen 

2. How can I actually do it properly and delete customers that have a certain tag?




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Hey were you able to solve that with Shopify support?