Deleting several thousand unfullfilled orders.

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When we started our business we had a 3rd party app syncing all of the orders to our shopify store from multiple different online shopping platforms. Since we encountered so many issues like missing orders, duplicates, and information not syncing correctly, we just started fullfilling them on their platforms instead of through Shopify. Because of this, we now have 9,999+ orders unfullfilled on our shopify store all from over 2 years ago (2018-2021). What is the best course of action to deleting these orders without affecting anything on our shopify store or on the other platforms. Would it be better to archive these orders instead? We are just trying to organize our store and not have it show all of these orders that were already fullfilled on other platforms years ago.

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I don't believe you can Archive an order that's Unfulfilled. 

So the steps are:

1. Mark orders as Fulfilled

2. Archive Orders


You can do this in the Shopify admin interface, but when I was in a similar situation as you describe, the page would error our or otherwise 'not update' all the orders. I suppose there was just too many.


I ended up using Matrixify (app):

- Exported the Unfulfilled Orders to spreadsheet

- Updated the Columns in the spreadsheet to Fulfilled and Do Not Notify Customer (important)

- Reimported into Shopify via Matrixify


Repeated this for Archiving the orders. Problem solved.


How-to Links:

Marking as Fulfilled: