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Delivery Cost calculation based on different options

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Hi All,

I have an online store and would like to offer my Customer different delivery options based on the Order value and the Customer location


1. Free delivery for Customers based in the same city/post code of the business for a spend of over £100

2. For Customers in different city/post code from the business, for order value < £150 delivery cost calculated based on the shipping provider

3. For Customers in different city/post code from the business, for order value > £150 fixed delivery cost as agreed with the shipping provider

4. Free Click & collect or curbside pick-up option for Customers based in the same city/post code of the business

Can I configure all of this in Shopify myselves with out any coding or will I need a developer to do this. If I can do it mysleves please point me to the documentation/setup guide that explains the process of how to do this.

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From the “Shipping and delivery” section on the Shopify admin page, you can create 4 different conditions as you stated in the query.

Note: Create separate shipping zones.

You can then add weight-based or price-based conditions, under the “add rates” option.

Along with this, the Shopify 
Multi-carrier shipping label app, which is integrated with multiple shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many more, helps you display real-time shipping costs based on product weight and package dimensions. In addition, it will add up the rates for the product based on conditions set up in Shopify settings.

Once the setup is done, the shipping charges are automatically calculated by the app at the checkout every time as combined rates. The app automatically adds up the rates every time.

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Standard configuration allows you only at country level not at the City or Town level. So I am unable to set free delivery for city business is based and charge a different price when the Customer post code belong to a different city

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Hello  @Bharatbazaar 

You don't need a developer to do that. There's a lot of different widgets and programs out there that can offer multi-zip code discounted shipping, and seamlessly too. It also varies on your volume though and amount of orders. I'd recommend looking into companies like Fenix Commerce because they pretty much talk about this in their article here

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Is there a way to calculate shipping based on order value (the actual cost of goods)?