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Hello All,


I have been looking to see how either by code or by third-party app to provide delivery options based on distance.


We offer a delivery services which is set to a 5 mile radius from our store with a set price.  However we want to extend to 10 miles but have a different price set.

So example.

0-5 miles - Price 1

5.1 - 10 miles - price 2.  

Also would need to set limit to 10 miles so customers outside of this radius are not offered a delivery option,

I have tried to look for some coding ( I'm not a coder, but okay if provided with the details) I have also looked for an app, but I can't find one which offers this feature ( as far as I can tell) and help or advise would be appreciated 

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Hello @mjpx !

You're looking to edit the shipping based on where the customers are located. There's a ton of 3rd party apps or widgets that can optimize that aspect! One that i recommend is Fenix Commerce, they're an industry leader and offer a money back guarantee on their AI powered shipping solution software, plus its very seamless! I've attached a link to their website below! Best of luck.