Deprecated metafiles optional namespace

Deprecated metafiles optional namespace

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I got the [Action required] email from Shopify that:


One or more of your apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 7 days. Support for this version will be removed on July 1, 2024. Please update the apps listed below to API version 2023-10 or later to ensure they continue to function correctly.

Breaking Changes:


Clicked on the link and can't figure out what exactly needs to be changed to get things working. 


metafieldacc1: metafield(namespace: "accessories", key:"acc1",) {
I tried inserting $app to the namespace but that did not work. 
metafieldacc1: metafield(namespace: "$app:accessories", key:"acc1",) {
Greatly appreciate any help on this. 
Thank you. 
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Hi @karmelcorn1 
When you intialize shopify app, you pass it a configuation json. so you can pass apiVersion  in that object and it can solve your issue
This is document for node js
But you will find similar solution in every SDK

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That's indeed VERY confusing deprecation warning. It doesn't seems to require any action from our side and should be purely informative. But somehow it still triggers deprecation alert and might lead to app delisting on July 1. I upgraded my app to v2024-04 and the warning is still there.


I contacted partner support about it and encourage you to do the same. Hopefully the could either fix the warning or give us some info on required actions.

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I get the same message. Its still there even after updating the APIs a few days ago.
Reached out to support. I hope they'll fix this ASAP

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