Did they change the Shopify shipping label client layout for anyone else?

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I can't find any info about this anywhere I look, but they have changed the way I print shipping labels and it's horrible now. Everything is a line item and drop down, so I have to scroll to the side to change anything from the weight, shipping service, box size, etc. And everything is in individual drop down menus now. Instead of it giving me a list of everything in a customer's order in my open window, it now says "multiple items" and I have to click a dropdown to see what I have to pack into their order. Everything was right in front of my face the past few years, even though they have made minor changes. But this layout they have me on now is just awful. It works this way on both Safari and Google Chrome on my laptop, but if I use it on my iMac, it's the same system I was using previously. I want to be able to scroll up and down to see all of the info I need to fulfill and order, as it has always been. Not have to scroll up and down + right and left + access what a customer actually ordered through a dropdown menu. It seems like nobody else has seen this change? I can find NOTHING about it online.Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 12.11.03 PM.png

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It just happened to me today, I used it yesterday just fine and now it's absolutely horrendous this way. I hope theres a way to change it back

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I’m wondering why nobody else knows about this yet? Usually there is an uproar with major changes. This layout is awful.

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This is absolutely horrendous! I agree, I can't see the items I need to pack and therefore I don't know what box to choose. In addition to that, the box choice area is so small it doesn't display all the details of the box size in the drop down. There better be a way to fix this back!

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Has anyone else made a complaint? It took me forever to ship 30 packages.

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