Re: Different variant sharing the same inventory

Different variant sharing the same inventory

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Hi everyone,


I have some products that I want to offer a 'pay what you want' price to the customers, for that I added the different price options as variants; the problem is that the stock/inventory is the same. so when someone chooses option 1 for the price and pays for it, automatically, all the other price options should have their stock updated.

Is there any way of working around it without an app? I thought perhaps using the sam SKU (?) would it work?

I will use this option for just a few products, not the whole store, and all the apps that could do it are quite expensive for the amount of time I will use.

Any ideas?

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Add a pay button for that, customer can pay whatever they want.
for that you need a developer help, or you can create with yourself.

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Hello @Mr_RaviRaj 


Thank you for your reply. Any idea of what type of pay button I can add? 

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Hi @jpp05,

I understand your preference for avoiding the use of apps due to cost concerns. However, developing custom functions for your store with hired developers can also be expensive and time-consuming.


If you reconsider, I recommend the Easify Product Options app as a cost-effective solution to address your needs effortlessly 😊. With this app, you can create "Pay what you want" price options without affecting the inventory of other Shopify options and variants, just as you desire.





The app is user-friendly and budget-friendly compared to other product options apps on the Shopify App Store. I encourage you to give it a try 🙌!

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