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So I would like to open a Shopify store selling POD products of my own design. Next year I am moving out of my home in Europe and will be renting it for at least six or seven months. I will be spending the rest of the time between Mexico and the US. I am a US citizen (but currently an EU resident and tax resident), and I use my sister’s address in the States to receive mailings from US financial institutions.   I will be floating between Europe and the US and Mexico I will not be in any one place for more than four or five months at the most in 2024; that I will only be filing US federal income taxes. Surely I am not the only digital nomad who runs a store on Shopify, so I these are my questions:

1. it seems I need to declare a physical address for my business. I could use my sister‘s house in the US. Is this what I should do or are there other options For digital nomads?

2. Is there anything else that I should consider given my situation? I have never been “living nowhere in particular” in my life before. 

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Hi @ThePie, great question. 


First, I hope you have a great time during your travels, and with your new business. It's always good to use an address from the location you will be paying taxes. Since you said your sister's address is in the US, if you plan to file taxes there you can use her address for your location. If not, it might be good to get a P.O box in the country you'll be filing in. 


Since you'll be running a POD business, there isn't much else that will change for you while you travel back and forth. One thing you will want to think about is how you plan to handle returns. Customers will need a place to return their products if you accept returns. The P.O box option would also help you solve that issue. Otherwise you could look into fulfillment companies that also offer storing services.  

Kitana | Shopify 
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