Digital Products Not Auto Fulfilling

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We sell digital and physical products on our store. For physical products they automatically default to unfulfilled which is great. For digital products where we use Shopify digital downloads, the product is fulfilled automatically which is great. 


We also have some other digital products which do not have a Shopify digital download linked to them. ie they are products which we have to give access to an online course on another platform, so they don't have a digital download linked to them but they are still a digital product. For these items, we have unticked on the product page the box which says "this is a physical product". However the orders default to be unfulfilled unless we apply a Shopify digital download (which we don't want to do). Is there anyway the shop can fulfil all digital products that are not listed as a "physical product" regardless of whether we have linked a Shopify digital download to them?

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I am having this same issue. Did you find a solution?