Direct traffic from unknown source on my website

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since I opened my Shopify store in august I'm only getting direct traffic from the USA with a bounce rate of 94% and 00:00 average session duration.

what could be the reason behind this?

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this is the referrer URL

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Hello @hala99,


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Can you please share your store URL?

It's important to convert your store traffic to sales. Optimizing your Shopify store is not a one-time process. It’s something you should always be doing to get better.

Below are several techniques that when implemented correctly can decrease the bounce rate and increase your sales.

1. Make sure your store has an attractive Home page
Your Home page should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and should load fast. Avoid excessive images and text. Stay on brand and on message with a simple, attention-capturing design.
2. Add testimonials to build trust
Adding testimonials, reviews, and badges to your home page beneath your main content will help in building trust and project credibility.
3. Organize product collections/categories effectively
Make sure your customers experience better and more simple navigation through your store.
4. Use high-quality product images
Clear, quality product images give consumers quick information on a product. They can see the color, pattern, style, shape, and quality of the product with a glance.
5. Highlight product benefits
Avoid copy-pasting the description provided by the manufacturer. The product description gives you a great opportunity to integrate SEO keywords and the reason why one should purchase it.
6. Optimize the checkout process
You might lose a lot of customers right when they are ready to buy if your checkout process isn’t simple.
7. Allow guest checkout also
Offering a guest checkout option takes the checkout optimization process to the next level. You will get more abandoned carts if you want them to create an account to complete the checkout.
8. Consider adding blogs
Apart from writing great content on your product landing pages, you should also leverage blogging to educate, inform, and engage your target audience.
9. Reduce Price Shock
If the extra costs (shipping, tax, fees, etc.) are too high you will get more cart abandonment. One way to eradicate this problem is by offering free shipping. Make sure to highlight that you’re not charging anything to deliver the products.
10. Remind abandoned cart customers
With abandoned cart emails, you can remind your customers of the items they expressed interest in and then left your store with no intention of returning. You can do this from your store Settings > Checkout > Abandoned Cart section > Choose to send abandoned cart emails either one, six, 10, or 24 hours after a customer abandons a cart.
11. Make sure your store is mobile-friendly
Over 54% of all web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, so make sure your store is mobile-friendly.
12. Site navigation menu should be easy to use
Your site's main header navigation menu should contains links to collections, pages like Contact Us, About Us, FAQ etc. The footer navigation menu should contain links to Privacy policy, Terms of service, Return & Exchange policy, Shipping policy.

Your ongoing SEO efforts can only work if the page is indexed (found) by Google. Unless your site (or store) is many years old and has very few products, there is no guarantee that all the pages you carefully SEO'ed are actually indexed (found) by Google. In fact, an overwhelming majority of the digital world is NOT indexed. flareAI shows you, with a Found on Google (FOG) report how much of your ever-changing site is un-indexed, hidden from customer searches. And, how flareAI automation can clear the FOG. Let flareAI help you to grow your revenue on 20+ world's largest free sales channels, Single click start!

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hey @flareAI 

I'm afraid that the traffic that I'm getting is bot traffic, my store still needs work and I understand why I'm not getting enough sales or traffic

the problem here is that the bounce rate and session periods are very sketchy. and The referrer URL is not known

what can I do to prevent bot traffic if that is the problem?

thank you

my website URL: