Disable customer notification emails?

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Wow, how hard could it be to provide a simple checkbox that lets you disable certain notifications that it is still not a feature after 5 years of this discussion! Thoroughly fascinating that Shopify does nothing to address this simple issue.

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Wow ok, so this is still an issue? I literally have been reading forums from almost 5 years ago complaining about this same problem. I mean honestly how do you all expect us to use email marketing apps if you are not going to allow the option to turn off Shopify email notifications. This is insanely frustrating especially since I have already set up beautiful email flows that I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO USE. Get it TOGETHER!!!

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Just found out that the test imports of legacy customer data that I've been doing, for orders from over 10 years ago, have been sending notification emails to those customers.

Unbelievable that this can't be turned off, even on development stores?!  There's no way to import old data without re-sending order notifications, even on a development store used to develop an importation app?!

Wish I had known this before committing to Shopify as our next shop platform.  More and more things making me think this is just not suitable for our purposes

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Hi, can the "Notify Customer of Shipment" check box in the order fulfillment page be set to unchecked?  It is checked by default.

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I have this plan (premium) and its not an option for me either. 

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Is this an option? I'm trying to reach support and the number is disabled and live chat feature gone.  


Here’s a list of Shopify emails that can be turned off:

  • Shipping confirmation
  • Shipping update
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered
  • Order canceled
  • Order refund
  • Abandon Checkout

These are the emails that cannot be turned off in Shopify:

  • Customer Account Activation
  • Customer Account Welcome
  • Customer Password Reset
  • Gift Card Notification
  • Order Confirmation 

If you want a step-by-step screenshot guide, check out my blog post here

Unfortunately, the settings are kind of all over the place, but I hope it helps! 

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Hello Shopify Staff,

On my client's site all products are digital downloads, so no shipping involved at all.

On testing, after receiving the purchase confirmation, a shipment confirmation email turned up saying 'Your order is on the way'. We need to turn this off as it is not required at all. I have adjusted the Order Processing settings as shown below. Is this correct?

Also, can you confirm please that this will not effect the actual order confirmation.

Thank you.




Looks good to me! I don't think it's possible to turn off order confirmations so you should be good there. 

Good luck with the store!

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is there a way, that we can sent an email automatically, once a draft order has been created?

Reason behind: We are using a third party tool (wholesale club - net term features) that can create draft orders by skipping the checkout process for flagged exsiting customers. We are setting up our invoice process with this for b2b customers.

Neverthless, the tool needs to create draft orders instead of final orders, otherwise the taxation is messed up. So I was wondering, if there is a way, to sent automatic email follow ups / notifications, once the customer created a draft order through the above mentioned process.


Thank you