Discount Code - Fixed Percentage limited to a total amount collectively

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Hey guys,

I am currently looking for a solution for employee discounts.
Our policy is the following: we give each employee a discount code with 75% off but the code will be deactivated manually when a total sale amount of 1500€ is reached.
Example of our idea:
Employee A buys on the first day with his code for 500€ total and 75% off on that.
Two weeks later he buys products again for 500€ using the code.
The discount code would now only be usable for another 500€ in total sales.
If the employee now wants to buy the third time but this time for 700€ in total, the code would not work. Cause he is only allowed to use it for 500€ in total. (total being sale before discount)
Hope this was understandable

I have looked into so many apps and talked to our shopify plus expert/partner but they weren't really helpful.

Anyone knows a solution to this?


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Hi! It sounds like you may want to search for a gift card app that allows you to build discounts into the card. Gift cards can be used repeatedly until they run out of funds. You could also create a discount code for 75% off, limit the code to a specific employee, and limit the uses to 3 or something like that. But I think the best solution would be to create gift cards for employees that are worth 1125€ since that adds up to 75% off of 1500€. I hope this helps!