Discount code with 100+ variants?

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Hi there, I've tried Shopify support for this but apparently they were unable to help.


Essentially, I'm trying to create a Buy One Get One Free discount code, but I only want it to apply to 2 out of 8 variants for each product. I have 160 products, so that's 320 variants technically.


However, there seems to be a limit of 100 as when I add them via the discount editor, I get the error "The number of items for "Customer buys" can’t exceed 100".

Which makes no sense, since if I had all my products (1280 variants in total) then I get no error.


Essentially I'm wondering if anyone has a fix or perhaps a recommendation of a third party app that will allow me to add a Buy One Get One Free on only 2 specific variants per product.



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Hi there, @KG440


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great idea to post such inquiries here as we have a great group of contributors who can help you out by sharing their own expertise and experiences on the platform. 


With regards to what you are after, I have found the following apps that give you more control over the discount you are trying to do with your products and the variants associated to it: 


  • Sale and Discount Manager : this app specifically gives you the ability to pick and choose which variants of your products to include in the discount.
  • Discount Duck : this app does not directly state about variants and discounts per say but provides some more flexibility than what the platform currently provides that make it worth looking at as well. 


If you find that apps are also not providing you the exact results that you want based on your business' needs, we then recommend looking at hiring a Shopify Expert to help you out in this as another alternative for this. 


Definitely let us know how this works out for you!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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@KG440 I think our app has a solution for you:

In the video, it shows an example using a "specific items" type of deal. You can instead select "Bogo - discount pairs" and do exactly what you want, a BOGO only on 2 specific variants, without the 100-variant limi.

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Hi Derek, I watched your video and have a question. I have thousands of products and each product there are multi variants it is a combination of price variant (retail customer and member customer) and colour variants (red and black)


For example: I only want Red colour retail and member (thats 2 variants) to be applied on a discount and the other variant not applied. Would I be able to use your app to bulk upload a list of variant ids to the discount code but over 100 variant limit? Thanks Mel

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Hiya @MelC1 !

ADG does not currently support a bulk upload feature for product variants exceeding the 100 variant limit. Yet, you can accomplish applying a discount to specific variants using tags.


You can tag the products with special tags that you want to include in the discount, and then create a collection to group these tagged products. After creating the collection, you can use it as the basis for applying your discount code. This way, you can effectively apply the discount to the specific products you have in mind.


Easy peasy! 

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Unfortunately, I need them to apply on variants (specific colours) not on products. Tags only apply on products so it won't work.