Discount Percentage along with Prices

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I want to add a discount percentage along with my prices. Please guide me, is it possible in Shopify to do so?

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Yes you can find in the the theme settings.
First of all creates products with discounts. Like actual price is $100 and compare price is: $120
Go to the Theme Customize
Go to the theme setting and find the sale tags in the settings. and set the tags as a percentage or as a text (sale )

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Hi Emerald19,


In Shopify, there are 2 main ways to offer price reductions:


  1. Discounts. These are in the "Discounts" page of the Shopify admin. You can have manual codes that customers type in at checkout, or automatic discounts. Discounts can optionally be limited to specific customers/collections/etc., and have special rules for combining with each other.
  2. Sale price/compare at price. This is on the product/variant itself, and changes the price for all customers. It can also combine with discounts.


I've actually created a graphic that compares the two as well:





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