Discounts and gift cards

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Hi I have 2 questions:

1) Clothing brand: When a client asks to change the product, I usually make a personalized discount that he can use to buy another thing and delete the amount of the returned product
Now if I get that discount code the client cannot insert another discount code

How can i fix this? Are there any app that can help with double discounts? Or is there a method?

2) I want to customize gift card on the store, personalize the graphics and give the possibility to the client to choose if he wants to receive it digitally to email or  physically (printed at home)
how can i do ? 

thank you in advance

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Hi @francescoromito, I'm Neomi from The app,

We specialized in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.


Our gift card solution will give you advanced features like - send the gift card directly to the recipient, customizing the gift card, adding a personal note, and scheduling it for the perfect time.


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