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We want to run a 30% off and 50% off promo at the same time (depending on the product, a different type of discount will apply). We also want the sale prices to be reflected on both the collections and product pages.
However, we don't want customers to use more discounts during this promo, this is why we thought of hiding the discount input box. We realized this is tricky, so we are looking into other options, like creating an automatic discount code. The downside of this is that the code won't reflect the sale price on the product or collection page.


Any advice here?

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Hi. Please navigate to Discounts and make sure any and all active discounts / coupons codes cannot be combined with a product, order or shipping discount under "Combinations". You can then go in add the sale price to the product pricing itself and it will show on the product card. I think that should cover all your bases; display the product discounted price, no need for a new coupon code/automatic discount and these products cannot be combined with another discount. Test to be sure! 🙂

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